Trump 'less inclined' to meet with Mueller after Federal Bureau of Investigation raid

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Cohen remains insistent that the $130,000 "hush agreement" payment to Trump mistress Stormy Daniels was legal, but told Lemon that given the raid, he'd "rethink how he handled the payments" because of how the search impacted his family.

Search warrants like the one used in the Cohen and Manafort raids - which some legal experts characterize as a "no-knock" warrant - are "executed early in the day and by large teams of armed federal agents", Sandick said. He has been described as the president's "fixer" and "pitbull".

Someone else in contact with the White House said aides have likened the current atmosphere to two previous crises - when Trump fired then-FBI Director James Comey and when the White House was embroiled in the saga of Rob Porter, a former staff secretary accused of domestic abuse by his two ex-wives.

But because it was not about Russia, Mueller alerted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

"I have this witch hunt constantly going on", Trump told reported Monday at an event inside the White House, calling the raid "an attack on our country" and on "what we all stand for". Trump, ever the unpredictable president, could always fire Sessions, but a host of Republicans and advisers are urging him not to do it, sources tell CNN.

"If the money came from [Cohen], the best case you could argue is yes, it came from him, but it was not connected to the campaign", says Simpson. Rosenstein has repeatedly said he has not seen any reason to dismiss Mueller.

Trump and his legal team said that the president is "less inclined" to meet with Mueller's team of investigators, ABC News reported.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a friend of Trump, called the Cohen raids "a little heavy-handed".

Under Justice Department regulations, Mueller must consult with Rosenstein when his investigators uncover new evidence that may fall outside his original mandate.

The pronouncement came on the heels of reports that the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed search warrants at the Manhattan office of Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, April 9.

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She said Trump believes he could fire Mueller if he wanted to.

Stormy Daniels is cooperating with the federal investigation into Michael Cohen, according to sources.

Cohen has said he took out a home loan to pay porn actress $130,000 weeks ahead of the election to keep quiet about her allegations that Trump had an affair with her while he was married to Melania Trump.

Several former officials at the Federal Election Commission have said the payment appears to be a violation of campaign finance laws, and multiple Washington-based groups have filed complaints with the FEC, urging it to investigate.

Cohen has said neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was involved in the transaction with Daniels and he was not reimbursed for the payment.

"He shot himself in the foot by saying he didn't know anything about the payment", one the people said.

A senior administration official said the White House has been discussing potential options with key congressional Republican leaders, fearful of "blindsiding them".

McDougal's attorney, Peter Stris, declined to comment on the Cohen investigation. No Collusion or Obstruction (other than I fight back), so now they do the Unthinkable, and RAID a lawyers office for information!

"Do I need this in my life? So, to me, as things heat up, the next big thing will be a shift from things like 'What was the Russian involvement in the campaign?' to 'Has the cover-up begun and where is it?'"

Michael D. Shear, Matt Apuzzo, Michael S. Schmidt, Sharon LaFraniere and Maggie Haberman are New York Times writers. In Cohen's own estimation, he is Trump's Ray Donovan, the bruising television character who takes whatever steps are needed to fix problems for the tycoon he serves. Last year, he won a $454 million judgment against the manufacturer, one of the largest in California history. Of these four Trump associates, three-Papadopoulos, Flynn, and Gates-are already coöperating with Muller, having pleaded guilty to felonies.