Large charities pay men 8 per cent more than women

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The Drum has delved into the mass of data published - which includes over 10,000 employers and United Kingdom businesses - and pulled out the relevant figures. Across the companies and organisations that had filed by 5pm on Wednesday, eight out of 10 had a gender pay gap.

The biggest pay gaps are in construction, financial services, education, mining, communication, and energy, where the pay gap is in excess of 15%.

Ryanair had the most significant pay gap of any airline - at 72%, with the majority of its United Kingdom staff either pilots or cabin crew.

Meanwhile Cumberland Building Society has a gender pay gap of 41 per cent, Shawbrook Bank has a gap of 40 per cent, Octopus Capital has a pay gap of 38 per cent, while RBS, Lloyds, Clydesdale Bank and Santander all have a pay gap of 37 per cent.

Efforts have been made to simplify and strengthen these laws since they were introduced - most recently in the Equality Act 2010 - but most of the causes of women having lower pay in the United Kingdom are the result of more subtle factors than blatantly paying women less for the same jobs as men (though that does still happen).

78% of firms actually pay men 14% more than women and only 8% report no pay gap at all. The numbers aren't measuring the pay of men and women in the same job.

Meanwhile, women are actually paid slightly more than men for doing the same work in four states: Rhode Island (0.2 percent), District of Columbia (0.5 percent), Vermont (0.6 percent) and CT (1.6 percent).

If all men and women working at a firm are put in two separate lines in order of salary, the median pay gap would be the difference in salary between the woman in the middle of her line and the man in the middle of his.

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We still don't know the full list of companies with a pay gap issue, though more have promised to reveal their statistics soon.

It is a legal requirement and the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) says those failing to publish their figures on the database would be given a further opportunity before facing the prospect of an unlimited fine. Women's median hourly pay was 20.4% lower. A gender pay gap can arise if there are more highly-paid men than women in a company, if women are seen to be less experienced than their male counterparts, or if women take a hit to their salary after taking maternity leave. If the mean gap is much bigger than the median, this tells us that the people at the top of the company are overwhelmingly men, and are paid considerably more than the average. Women's Bonus pay is also 61.3% lower than a man's Bonus pay.

Cook also notes that the label's headline pay gap figures are "influenced by bonuses paid to senior A&R staff, an area of the music business which is still male-dominated".

Ms Fairbairn said knowing the average pay difference between men and women would help companies develop more inclusive workplaces and support more women into senior roles.

"One problem is that people keep fixating on the female participation rate - i.e. the overall percentage of women working in the game industries - but this is next to useless as it often obscures more than it reveals". It said the median hourly figure showed women's pay to be 1.4% higher than that of men.

According to the National Audit Office there were 28 government-owned companies as of 2015.

Trust chairman Dennis Dunn MBE added: "The point is we are committed as a trust to equal pay for roles of equal value".