Facebook sued for housing discrimination

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The FTC is investigating, the privacy and data scandal isn't going away, and the #deletefacebook movement continues to pick up momentum. "Facebook's platform is the virtual equivalent of posting a for-rent sign that says No Families with Young Kids or No Women, but it does so in an insidious and stealth manner so that people have no clue they have been excluded on the basis of family status or sex", Fair Housing Justice Center Executive Director Fred Freiberg said in a statement. Facebook is not the iron horse we once thought it was? A lot sensitive stuff to me that they're looking at.

We looked to the wise minds at Good (where you'll also find further information on protecting and limiting your social presence) to figure out how to download the all the best (and worst, admittedly) of our Facebook existence.

About 84 per cent want to be able to opt out of having their information held by FB while 80 per cent feared identify theft, according to the survey.

If you are curious about what data Facebook has collected from you, there is a way to download it all. That's what I'm here for.

Make your account more secure: You can add more layers of protection to your account, like two-factor authentication. You could argue that Facebook's previous settings and policies weren't doing that. Then click Start My Archive. You will likely have to reenter your password.

Check your email spam folder; the message Facebook sent me wasn't readily visible in my inbox. Facebook approved all of the ads, ProPublica reported.

This won't do anything to enhance your security, but exploring the saved data once it's downloaded will reveal just how true the maxim is that nothing on the internet is ever gone forever.

After Facebook alerts you, click "Download archive" again, and a zip file will be downloaded to your device.

DoJ Inspector General to review potential FISA court abuse by Federal Bureau of Investigation
Huber submitted his resignation as USA attorney last March to the incoming Trump administration. Sessions also stressed the extraordinary circumstances in which a special counsel is appointed.

Once you receive your files, the information is broken down into sections like contact info, text messages, Facebook messages, advertisers and more. In the days when I actually used Facebook to post statuses and chat publicly with friends I used to try to be a bit more selective, but as the social network's turned into a dumping ground for photos and event invites I've become much less discerning.

—Facebook made its users' friend lists public in December 2009, even if they had been set to private, without telling them.

In my case, I found the data to be both stunning in terms of its breadth-but also its incompleteness.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he was sorry the Cambridge Analytica data breach "happened" but stopped short of apologising to affected users.

-All my searches on Facebook over the years, the names of my followers and facial recognition of me and my friends.

But at the same time, lots of basic data was either incomplete or wrong, starting with my date of birth, and my current city (no need to fix any of that, of course).

The plaintiffs in the suit made a fake realty firm and tried creating dozens of housing ads on Facebook to see how the platform would allow them to direct the ad. For example, on the same day that the new privacy controls were announced, Playboy Enterprises, which said that it interacts with some 25 million people on its Facebook pages, deactivated its Facebook presence. It just plans to be more transparent about that they do.