Chemical weapons experts to visit Syria

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The US is pushing for a resolution after a Saturday night gas attack on the rebel-held town of Douma, which killed at least 60 people and injured more than a 1,000 others.

Given the prospect of conflict with Russian Federation as well as Syria, Sanders said that "all options are on the table".

Syria became a member in 2013 as part of a deal brokered by the US and Russian Federation after a chemical attack in eastern Ghouta killed hundreds of people.

A top Russian lawmaker warned on Tuesday that Moscow could respond with military force to a potential US strike on Syria in the wake of a deadly chemical weapon attack.

Trump's latest tweets are his second direct challenge to Russia in the wake of the deadly attack, which Trump over the weekend blamed partly on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. and France, however, have not released evidence to support their assessments of the alleged attack in Douma.

"We believe the gas used was chlorine and another kind of gas", said Mohammed Marhoum, a medical worker.

It added that recent statements from Washington "show (the Trump administration) lacks not only principles and values but also wisdom and logic and that in itself endangers worldwide peace and security".

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The Sound and Picture Organization, an activist collective in eastern Syria, said that Iranian fighters and members of Lebanon's Hezbollah group had evacuated their positions in the Boukamal area, near the Iraqi border, which was recently retaken from the Islamic State group.

"The pretext of a chemical attack has become well known to everybody and is a flimsy and unsubstantiated excuse to target Syria", the ministry statement said.

The U.S. delegation has been pushing for a response that slams Syria "in the strongest terms", U.S. diplomatic sources told the Associated Press. "The Syrian state will continue to fight terrorism no matter what their reaction is".

Worldwide chemical weapons experts are expected to go to Douma to investigate the suspected poison gas attack.

The Foreign Secretary said: "Hugely disappointing that Russian Federation vetoed the proposal at the United Nations for an independent investigation into Syrian chemical attacks".

Initial US assessments have been unable to determine conclusively what materials were used in the attack and could not say with certainty that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government forces were behind it.

Eurocontrol's warning cited a document from the European Aviation Safety Agency, Europe's safety regulator, a copy of which was not immediately available.

The Russian military said on March 13 that it would respond to any USA strike on Syria, targeting any missiles and launchers involved in such an attack.