Warren: 'I'm Not Running for President in 2020′

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Meanwhile, Warren brushed aside calls that she get a DNA test to resolve questions about her Native American heritage.

"My mother and daddy were born and raised in Oklahoma". Can you imagine? Can you imagine covering Bernie or Pocahontas?

In another Sunday interview with CNN's "State of the Union", Warren addressed Trump's verbal attack.

"I know who I am because of what my mother and my father told me, what my grandmother and my grandfather told me, what all my aunts and uncles told me and my brothers", she concluded. When NBC's Chuck Todd pressed her on that fact during Sunday's "Meet the Press", Warren said she is running for Senate, not for president, and plans on "staying focused" on that.

"If I don't win the election, [news] ratings are going to go so far down, they'll be out of business, every one of them", he said. "I think she needs to come up with a better answer than this". "Never got any benefit from it anywhere", Warren said.

At least 40 dead, 23 injured in Kathmandu plane crash
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"Look, I do know". She now seems uninterested in even attempting to authenticate her claims of Native American ancestry. He has pointed out that Warren does not claim membership in a tribe. She wanted to be elected to another term as Senator and both her Republican opponent and the NY media were asking if she would finish her term. In an economy hollowed out by the Great Recession, legacy Democrats lurch, occasionally, in a populist direction before retreating to where they are most comfortable: "doing favors for the rich in exchange for campaign donations". This is an issue that's happening right here in America, ' she continued. "I am running for the United States Senate".

"We need to bring some attention to it and we need to put some resources on it", she added.

Highlighting the stark opposition the President was facing from within his own party, last week 107 Republican members of congress signed a letter urging a policy rethink. Native women are subjected to sexual violence at rates much higher than any other group in our country.

Roberts said a local paper in western MA that previously endorsed her Senate run urged her to "take the spit test" as a way to silence critics, including the president.