Vikings have 'reached out' to Drew Brees' agent

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But the two sides are cutting things a little close.

One of the most prized free agents in the National Football League this year is starting to see teams step up.

Monday is when teams officially can tamper with free agents, and Wednesday is when players officially can sign contracts.

Those teams - or any other for that matter - could simply be leverage for Brees and his camp against the Saints, but what if Brees doesn't balk? They have already been linked to keeping each of their free agent quarterbacks as well as at least one big name outside the team. Brees is technically available, even if it's not likely that he signs with Minnesota.

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Minnesota has reportedly emerged as the favorite in the sweepstakes to land Kirk Cousins, arguably the best unrestricted quarterback to ever hit the open market in his prime.

Still, it's not all surprising that this deal is coming down to the wire. But if they some how manage to finagle Brees away from New Orleans - pulling off yet another Minneapolis Miracle at the Saints' expense - Minnesota would have to be considered the team to beat. This may largely be a reason for the strong interest from Cousins and could potentially sway Brees to consider if the contract situation in New Orleans doesn't work out.

When it finally does get done, chances are Brees' contract will look an bad lot like that last extension he signed just four days before the 2016 season opener.

"I could not have been more fortunate to have Sean Payton as a head coach for the last 12 years", Strief said. But it included only one new year of guaranteed money. But I expect him to cut the Saints a break on the length, with only about one year fully guaranteed. My greatest drive as a player was not to let you down. Of course Brees is the better player, but Cousins is younger and still has room to grow.