'The Bachelor' Episode 9 Recap: The Desperate Ex-Boyfriend

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The reunion gets off to a rocky start, and goes further south when Becca accuses him of living his life like he was in a movie, specifically 'The Notebook'.

They hop aboard a catamaran and go explore islands off the coast of Peru and cuddle and talk about long distance relationships and make out in front of some sea lions. "We always have fun together".

She might have some competition for the latter, though - which brings us to Tia. A dune buggy ride through the sands outside Ica, Peru. And, with Kufrin's ex showing up, his appearance may be featured towards the end of the show, but you never know, right?

The fun ends when they almost crash the dune buggy.

Seinne's turn in the hot seat just reaffirmed how interesting and smart and poised she is. (By the way, I love mine poached, thanks.) Arie tells Kendall he's falling in love with her, and America gasped. "You are so mean", said Caroline.

We know Arie is not the first and definitely won't be the last to say "I love you" on The Bachelor.

"That's what I'm here to find out, man" answered Ross. "How the heck can Kissing Bandit say "I love you" to 3 different people!?!". They head to their room, where they make out aggressively.

Krystal wasted no time stabbing Kendall's back nearly right away during the date in Paris, telling Arie that Kendall simply wasn't ready for commitment.

"The Women Tell All" special from this season of "The Bachelor" aired Sunday night and ... oh, you didn't know?

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"Hey, there's a plane behind you".

Arie takes Lauren up into the air to see the Nazca Lines. She said it was gut-wrenching for her to be sent home after feeling so certain they were moving forward. In fact, it's so bad she has even considered leaving, and to stay she needs to feel like she's the only girl here. He promises that's not the case, and Kendall falls for it and tells Arie that she is falling in love with him and then he says he is falling in love with her. But there's three fantasy suites and one very important superlative, so let's talk. A unusual cover of "How Do I Live Without You" plays, I guess to signal that this is some big love story. "But I've thought about things like if it might be in a church or on the beach". Villains, heroes and even the bachelor himself, Arie Luyendyk Jr., all appeared on the episode for a tell-all event. Yuck, that is annoying.

After all that, Arie goes to meet up with Becca, who is jazzed to see him.

That's everything we know for sure.

Their fantasy suite date consists of camping in the desert.

In the post, Mathias recounted a conversation she had Luyendyk in which Mathias said he could ask her anything.

The next morning Becca still can't believe Arie told her he's in love with her. She would have her signature moment in Week 6 of the show, walking away from a two-on-one date looking like a star. Apparently he didn't realize this show ended in a proposal until "somebody told me", so he's here to try to win her back.

The college football world and "The Bachelor" franchise of reality shows have criss-crossed a few times over the years, including former Vanderbilt quarterback Jordan Rodgers winning JoJo Fletcher's heart in "The Bachelorette", former Georgia Bulldog Josh Murray doing the same in Andi Dorfman's season and former Florida quarterback Jesse Palmer's full season as "The Bachelor".