Sonic Mania Plus Physical Release Set for Summer Release

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During SXSW 2018's gaming expo, Sega took the stage for the Gotta Go Fast: The Official Sonic the Hedgehog panel to discuss the legendary gaming character and upcoming projects based on him.

The Sonic brand has had a weird love affair with animated TV series, seeing highs and lows for decades now, from the meme-riffic original show to the woefully "edgy" Sonic Underground.

The physical version also comes with a holographic slipcover, reversible Genesis/Mega Drive style cover and a 32-page Sonic Mania Art Book.

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After the sensation success that SEGA's return to 16 bit glory in the form of Sonic Mania, it was highly likely that the company would want to build on the game's success. The game, set for a Summer 2018 release, will boast a DLC pack's worth of new content, which includes a four-player competition mode and a new Encore Mode that will provide a new way to play the game.

First up, Sonic Mania Plus will introduce two new classic, playable characters: Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. People with digital copies of Sonic Mania will be able to get the new content via a DLC update. Sonic Mania Adventures will be popped onto YouTube for free at some point this year. The video provided blurry glimpses of a racing vehicle, followed by an obscured logo with only an "R" lit up. In addition, the game will only feature Sonic characters, unlike the previous entry Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed that also contained characters from other Sega series.