Lake Oswego's Kevin Love opens up about mental health

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After opening up about his panic attacks in The Player's Tribune, Love is more than just a symbol of sacrifice or cornerstone player for a championship-contending team, he's a pillar of strength for those that struggle with various mental and mood disorders on a daily basis.

The 29-year-old self-described introvert says that he had a panic attack following halftime of a November 5 game against the Atlanta Hawks.

"I admire (Kevin Love's) willingness to come out and talk about something that is an issue for a lot of people", Kerr said Tuesday night. So I did one seemingly little thing that turned out to be a big thing.

"Today, I've realized I need to change that", Love wrote. "It was like my body was trying to say to me, you're about to die", Love wrote in The Players' Tribune article. It's just...we're human beings.

"This just one more example of the willingness to kind of go above and beyond and say not only am I going to work on my physical engine, I'm going to work on my mental one as well", said Dr. Erin Ayala, Premier Sport Psychology, PLLC.

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NBA All-Star Kevin Love has revealed he suffered a panic attack during a game this season as he seeks to bring attention to mental health issues.

But the stigma around discussing and treating mental health is, we hope, slowly diminishing thanks in part to those in the spotlight using their vast platform to speak out about their own struggles. I nodded, but I didn't hear much of what he said. I can tell from his Twitter post from this afternoon that he was definitely taken aback from the support he received, and I even made sure to send him my own message thanking him for sharing his story. Stress about on and off-court things seemed to exacerbate things but Love felt the usual symptoms one would have when suffering a panic attack.

As I was learning how to deal with chronic anxiety and control attacks, I started spending more and more time around the National Basketball Association, near the court, in locker rooms and talking to people I never thought I'd even meet. And like many people who have had them, Love didn't know what was going on at first.

Love has been sidelined since the end of January with a broken hand but is expected to return in the next month. "I thought that was great".

"I had buried those emotions since her passing and said to myself, I have to focus on basketball". I've replayed what happened on that day in my head hundreds of times since. "I'm trying to be good to the people in my life". It's here as I type, wondering who might read this and immediately think less of me.