ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Attack Aimed At Afghan Hazaras

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Daesh claimed responsibility of the attack in a statement on its Amaq website.

The group has not publicly responded to Ghani's invitation and previously said it would negotiate only with US officials.

Security personnel inspect the site of the suicide attack.

A suicide bombing claimed by the hardliner Islamic State (IS) group in the Afghan capital Kabul on Friday has left 10 people dead and 22 others injured, spokesman for Ministry of Public Health confirmed here.

"But that does not imply that we would support or think that there's any manipulation of Afghanistan so that it can be used against Pakistan", Wells said in response to a question at the US Institute of Peace, a US-Congress supported top American think-tank.

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Yamamoto stressed that President Ashraf Ghani "offered peace to the Taliban without preconditions, and laid out a path for negotiations with ... concrete proposals". In late January, a Taliban attacker drove an ambulance filled with explosives into the heart of the city, killing at least 103 people and wounding as many as 235.

Local Hazara leader Mohammad Mohaqiq told the Kabul gathering that the explosion was an attempt to terrorize Afghans.

The Taliban also ambushed members of the local police who were sent to assist the soldiers, killing 10 policemen and wounding nine, provincial police spokesman Khali Aseir said.

Alice Wells, a USA principal deputy assistant secretary of state in charge of South and Central Asian affairs, said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's offer of talks with the Taliban without any preconditions was the "most specific and forward-leaning proposal" for peace since the US -led invasion in 2001. Another five officers were wounded in the gunbattle, he said.