Hyper Light Drifter Is Coming To The Switch This Summer

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Mark of the Ninja Remastered.

Just Shapes and Beats from Berzerk Studio is described as a "musical bullet hell" game heading to Switch this summer as a timed, console exclusive.

Garage - A top down hyper-violent zombie shooter with a VHS B-movie vibe; releasing spring.

"The world's least realistic pool simulator game", Adult Swim Games' Pool Panic will be available sometime this year. In their most recent patch, Sirlin Games added professional voice acting and facial animation for all 10 characters as well as a brand new Team Battle mode.

A bit less weird is Bomb Chicken - OK, still weird - which is a "chicken platformer" where you try to infiltrate BFC to discover what's behind their signature hot sauce recipe.

Bomb Chicken: Play as a chicken who lays bombs in this retro 2D platformer coming to Switch this summer.

Lumines Remastered is an HD remaster of the critically-acclaimed original puzzle game based on light and sound patterns.

Could Amazon be eyeing Toys 'R' Us locations?
Still, the company is under little pressure to hammer out a deal and deliberations may lead nowhere. The division in the U.K.is now being wound down.

Take control of your kingdom by swiping left and right on the various requests from the people of your kingdom.

Devolver Digital showed two new titles in Reigns: Kings and Queens and The Messenger.

While the game will come with touch interface, it would also be nice to see some Joy-Con input options as well.

West of Loathing (spring, Switch exclusive): cartoon stick figures in a Western-type world.

Nintendo Switch's unprecedented sales success continued through the end of its 12th month, but Sony's PlayStation 4 outsold its competition in February.

Pode is a co-op puzzle game inspired by Norwegian art and culture. Guess what? It's a Switch first and out in the spring.

Revealed earlier this year, The Messenger combines 8 and 16-bit console generations where the player will fight their way through hordes of demon enemies to deliver a sacred scroll to their clan. It's a Nintendo Switch exclusive launching later this year.