From McDormand stole the Oscar

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The actress was talking about her son, Pedro, but McDormand would soon be searching for her newest baby boy - her lead actress Oscar for her performance in "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri".

He quickly gave it up when confronted by a photographer, police say. His attorney Daniel Brookman had argued that the previous bail amount of $20,000 was unnecessary, calling the Oscar situation a momentary aberration.

Prosecutors have charged Bryant with a single felony count for taking the bronze statuette because it is worth more than $950, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Before McDormand retook possession of her Oscar, Reuters photographer Mario Anzuoni saw an Academy official at the Governor's Ball hand the recovered statuette to best actor victor Gary Oldman to return to McDormand.

Terry Bryant, 47, entered the plea shortly before a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge said he could be released on his own recognizance.

Video shot by The Associated Press appears
Frances McDormand's alleged Oscar thief scheduled for court appearance

Mr Brookman addressed the footage, saying: "There's a difference between holding an Oscar and what he is charged with, so that will play out in court".

Bryant walked out of the Governors Ball Oscars after-party with the trophy on Sunday night, authorities said.

We previously reported that Bryant was seen posing with the Oscar award during a Facebook Live broadcast on his personal account.

He faces a maximum sentence of three years behind bars if convicted. Another photographer intervened and stopped him.

He followed Bryant out of the party "and without any resistance from Bryant took the Oscar from him", the statement said. She left reporters with this thought: "Perhaps his story is a commentary on our whole society and its obsession with its 15 minutes of fame", Levy said.

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