'Diablo III' Nintendo Switch Rumors: Blizzard Tweet Was a Joke

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Said tweet shows a nightlight that looks like Diablo being switched on and off and you can also read "Sweet dreams" on it. Blizzard reached out to Polygon via phone call denying the recent buzz, but leaving it suspiciously open ended with an "we have nothing to announce".

It may well be a video of a nightlight, pure and simple, but it's generated a lot of hype, with the assumption being that Diablo 3 will be making its way to the Switch.

That's certainly disappointing, because if there is a franchise that is a flawless fit for the Switch, it's Diablo.

We contacted Blizzard last night about the tweet and it sounds like everyone should cool their jets. for now.

Console sales were up 30% on the previous year to £659 million as players invested in new releases such as the Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, while United Kingdom consumers spent more than £100 million on headsets for the first time.

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That said, this isn't the first time a Blizzard game has been seemingly teased for Nintendo's console without an end result.

That kind of early audience is hard to ignore, so perhaps today's Diablo 3 tease shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

One franchise gamers want to see for the home/portable hybrid is Blizzard's action-RPG series Diablo.

There's only really one way you could interpret this Blizzard tweet.

Diablo III originally launched on PC and Mac in May 2012, then on PS3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013, and most recently on PS4 and Xbox One in August 2014.