Could Amazon be eyeing Toys 'R' Us locations?

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Toys R Us is hoping to start liquidation sales at most of its USA stores on Thursday, and complete those sales by the end of June.

Such a move would let Amazon expand its brick-and-mortar presence, after it bought Whole Foods Market and its over 450 locations past year. Amazon sees voice as the next interface for people to access technology - supplanting computer mouses and touchscreens - and the benefits may be easier to demonstrate in a real-world setting.

The locations could also serve as mini distribution centers, allowing customers to pick up items faster than if they were being delivered to their homes.

Still, the company is under little pressure to hammer out a deal and deliberations may lead nowhere. Meanwhile, the global ecommerce and tech giant is reported to be discussing the possibility of purchasing some Toys "R" Us locations in the US. Nothing came of those talks.

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Interestingly, despite cut-throat competition among brick-and-mortar retailers everywhere, Toys "R" Us has never had any competitors with the same distinct brand recognition or product assortment.

The toy store chain in early February started liquidation sales at 144 stores in the US after for filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September.

A post on the door said the store will indeed close, but they have not heard when the final date will be or when liquidation sales will start.

The bankruptcy documents say debtors had reached out to more than 20 interested parties in a bid to sell off the 82 stores in Canada as the toy retailer looks to wind down operations. The division in the now being wound down. Companies from Sears to the Gap have been forced to close hundreds of underperforming stores as they groped for new strategies to survive.