White House Spokesman Says 'No Changes' Will Be Made at Justice Department

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Senior members of the US Democratic Party have warned President Donald Trump against firing or interfering with the work of the special counsel investigating alleged Russian involvement in the US election.

Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser to Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, speaks with reporters following a day of questions from the House Intelligence Committee, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017.

When asked if he still has confidence in the Deputy AG--following multiple reports that Trump has vented about him and asked him last month if he was on his team--the President said today, "You figure that one out".

"Bad idea. It was a bad idea to fire Comey". Comey did not pledge loyalty, and after a few additional tense interactions with Trump, he was sacked in May 2017. Trump wanted to know where the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation was heading.

Wray, who worked for DOJ under the Bush administration, was handpicked by Trump to lead the law enforcement agency after the president fired Comey. As the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller gets closer to Trump and his top aides, Sessions is under increasing pressure to protect Trump and his inner circle from the investigation. And he wanted to know whether Rosenstein was "on my team". Rosenstein has declined to discuss the issue.

The ad claims that Rosenstein's "incompetence and abuse of power" have "undermined congressional investigations" and tarnished the reputation of the Justice Department.

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To better understand what's going on, you need to understand the people involved.

"It's entirely possible that Mueller may go that route on the theory that, as an open question, it should be for the courts to decide", the attorney explained. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y. the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, was obtained by NBC News and reportedly sent to other Democrats in the House on Saturday. These cases also concern Mueller and, with the help and approval of Rosenstein, far exceeded even the illegitimate authority given to him to conduct grand jury investigations of President Trump and those around him.

"We recognize we have employees with political opinions". "I think we should let Rosenstein, Mueller and everybody else do their jobs and wait to see what the outcome is".

But Rosenstein again raised the president's ire over the House Intelligence Committee's memo. The White House did not comment.

The document commissioned by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, Republican-California, accuses the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department of omitting material and relevant information when seeking the warrant.