Watch Natalie Portman Impersonate Eleven From 'Stranger Things' on SNL

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In a digital short follow-up to her last SNL hosting gig 12 years ago, Portman was asked in an interview about her thoughts on the new Star Wars films.

The video ends with Portman stabbing her interviewer in the forehead with a "Time's Up" pin and throwing him out of the window.

The last time Portman was on the show was 2006, she gave that bleep button a run for its money with her first SNL rap.

"Tide pods the only thing I snack on/Black out and go motherfucking Black Swan", she rapped in the first verse, with Becker later asking her if she had seen the new Star Wars movies, suggesting they were "much better" than the prequels that she played Queen Amidala in.

Natalie Portman once again eschewed her good girl image to transform into a foul-mouthed rap star for a sketch on Saturday Night Live, which she hosted this weekend.

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The clip, in which Thurman's slow, ultra-controlled demeanor made her sound like she was fighting to rein in her rage, went viral. Uma didn't feel comfortable driving the auto and says a teamster led her to believe the vehicle might not be working well.

Cut to Portman dressed as Queen Amidala, holding a gun to a fan and asking: "Say something about the motherf****** prequels, b****!".

The rap ended with a shout out to Time's Up, the anti-sexual harassment movement for which Portman has been one of the main supporters.

What do you think of the sketch? In the SNL sketch, Eleven and Mike meet up with other teens who have.unusual abilities that come with even stranger side effects.

Other scenes included Portman dressing up as Jackie Kennedy in a sketch about First Ladies who claimed they were cheated on, and one where Portman plays a Nickelodeon show presenter who has lost her voice.

Andy Samberg also returned to rap along, with SNL's Beck Beckett filling in the role held by Chris Parnell in the original.