Seller of ammo to Vegas shooter didn't know plan

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According to the documents, for the first time, an additional "person of interest" in the massacre on the Las Vegas Strip was identified. Police did not immediately return calls seeking comment on Tuesday.

"A law enforcement official told The Associated Press in October Paddock bought 1,000 rounds of tracer ammunition from a private seller he met at a Phoenix gun show".

So far, there is no any details about Douglas Haig, while the LVMPD and Federal Bureau of Investigation have no comment to the latest information, which was disclosed after local media sought the court to unseal the records related to the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting.

Douglas Haig is also the name of a business associate on a website called Specialized Military Ammunition.

Speaking from his home in Mesa, Arizona, Haig said: "I am the guy who sold ammunition to Stephen Paddock". "Haven't heard from them since", Haig told Newsweek Oct. 4.

"I couldn't detect anything wrong with this guy", he said of Paddock.

When contacted by phone Tuesday about the newly released name, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said only, "If you've got it, publish it".

A judge on Tuesday unsealed almost 300 pages of search warrant records, including one document that publicly identified for the first time an additional "person of interest" in the October 1 massacre on the Las Vegas Strip. On Tuesday, a website for the company noted "We Will Be Closed Indefinitely".

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Haig says Paddock paid for a box of ammunition and left. At a news conference January 20, authorities said that although shooter Stephen Paddock acted alone, the FBI was investigating a second person who could yet face charges not directly connected to the shooting itself.

Police also found five suitcases, five rifle cases, binoculars, a spotter scope, a portable solar generator, 1050 empty bullet casings and $273 in cash. The suspected shooter, Stephen Paddock, killed himself before police broke into his room in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

"I ordered them redacted and thought they were redacted not only to protect the investigation but because of concerns about possible danger to this individual", Cadish said, according to the Times.

Authorities previously characterized Paddock as a gambler on a losing streak who was obsessed with cleanliness, may have been bipolar and was having difficulties with his live-in girlfriend.

She was initially considered a person of interest but authorities later said she is not likely to face criminal charges.

Lombardo has said he expects a final report on the shooting to be released before the end of 2018.

Investigators are yet to explain why they believe the 64-year-old retired accountant carried out the massacre, which was the worst in United States history. County attorneys did not respond immediately to questions about whether Fedenberg could appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court.