Rick and Morty fans: McDonald's is bringing back the Szechuan Sauce, again

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As you might recall, the sweet and sour condiment caused a stroke of trouble across the country back in October when locations didn't have enough supply to meet the demand.

Rick and Morty fans rejoice! Nationwide, 20 million packets will be available.

"We disappointed fans and we are sorry". McDonald's seem to be more organized and aware of the true might of the Rick & Morty fanbase.

McDonald's announced they would reintroduce the stuff last October, but lines of fans left empty handed, and in one case launched a small-scale riot - when the demand almost instantly outmatched the supply.

This is not a good time to be spending $250 on eBay for McDonald's Szechuan Sauce.

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On Wednesday, McDonald's officially confirmed the return of its much ballyhooed condiment, which will be available starting on February 26 at all US restaurants - but only for patrons who make a "qualifying purchase". It's still a limited-time promotion, and only available with the purchase of Buttermilk Crispy Tenders while stocks last.

A press release from McDonald's addressed the pandemonium that broke out in October, saying the company had the best intentions but admitting it went very wrong. In some cases, the patrons became rowdy after learning of the shortage, and police were called to the restaurants to disperse crowds.

According to the post, traditional McDonald's restaurants will receive six cases of the dipping sauce, while WalMarts will achieve half of that amount.

As proof that McDonald's kept its sense of humor about #SauceGate, it also has a three-part podcast called "The Sauce" that is out right now on all major podcast platforms.

McDonald's has promised that this time, the chain has taken its time and won't face a similar disaster. In a third season episode, lead character Rick Sanchez has a meta moment when he tells his grandson, Morty, that he wants "that "Mulan" McNugget sauce, Morty".