Nintendo Surges On Strong Switch Sales, Raised Profit Outlook

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In less than a year.

The Wii U sold 13.5 million units over five years and the Nintendo Switch has sold 14.86 million units in just nine months.

The Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017 and reached this milestone so quickly by doing something Nintendo was never able to do with the Wii U: consistently releasing new, high-quality first-party games.

During this particular quarter, the company sold 7.23 million Switch consoles, which almost doubles the total number sold to date.

Without elaborating, sources close to the development side also mentioned that there will be other new peripheral devices for the Nintendo Switch.

To put it into perspective, Super Mario Odyssey has sold more copies than any single Wii U game in its four year life span. Mario Kart 8 was only able to sell 8.4m units on the Wii U.

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To put it all simply, the Nintendo Switch is doing great, everything is doing OK as well, and Nintendo are enjoying the good times once more.

Earlier this month, Nintendo knocked the socks off of the Internet with just a few slabs of cardboard.

The hardware sales have been fueled by a fantastic year for games, with hits including "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild".

Further, revenue for the period is now expected to come in at 1.02 trillion yen, an increase from 960 billion yen. We'll see if Game Freak can get out the new Pokemon Switch game in 2018, or if we'll have to wait a little bit "later" to finally play Pokemon on a household console. In Japan, Nintendo sold about 3.72 million consoles. Nintendo's latest hardware was hard to find on shelves past year, and was the best-selling console for a majority of the months after launch. In an earnings report released on Wednesday, Nintendo announced that its software sales volume totaled 47.1 million units. Kimishima said more new titles were on the way.

On the software side, Nintendo says Super Mario Odyssey is the top-selling title with 9.07 million units.