Microsoft to add new Windows 10 Home editions to its line-up

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No details about what's coming with the next LTSC release were provided but Microsoft curiously explained that "this new release will also add support for the latest generations of processors, per the standard silicon support policy". These moves will push IT to migrate to Windows 10 and ensure that any holdouts pay up for Office 365.

While this might seem a little more confusing, going by Microsoft's numbers on exactly how Windows 10 S users work with the OS would seem to suggest it's a sensible shift in strategy. Plus there is also the issue of familiarity, habit, and comfort that might see some users choose to skip the upgrade.

Microsoft in November past year had announced that Windows 10 was running on more than. Nearly two years later Microsoft only managed to bring Windows 10 to 600 million active devices. There will also be server enhancements that improve IT manageability, voice, usability, and security.

Microsoft's revealed that Office 2019's desktop applications will only run on Windows 10 and shorted support for the forthcoming release of the suite. Since that free period ended, new Windows 10 users slowed down, but they've continued to trickle in as support for older operating systems declines and newer platforms benefit more and more from the Windows 10 ecosystem, including support for DirectX12. In other words, the most popular OS is now Windows 10. Software that is more than a decade old, and hasn't benefited from this innovation, is hard to secure and inherently less productive.

Office 2019 will provide 5 years of mainstream support and approximately 2 years of extended support.

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Microsoft describes Office 2019 as the next "perpetual" version of the suite, meaning that it is standalone software that can be installed on-premise (rather than cloud-based) and is purchased with a one-off payment as opposed to an ongoing subscription. Instead, it'll have an extended support phase that's reduced by three years.

Presumably, the old end-of-support dates remain the same for Windows 10 Pro and Home edition users.

There is no change to the support term for existing versions of Office.

Any device running Windows 10 in S Mode is limited to only running Universal Windows Platform apps.