Israeli-Iranian War Looms in Syrian Mayhem

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'We will continue to harm anyone who tries to harm us. Theresa May, Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron?

Prior to all the action, Israeli officials had intensified their warnings about Iran's growing power around Israel's borders. "But the Russian air force, which is tasked with continuing to help the Syrian regime forces in fighting terrorism, has the necessary potential to keep suppressing terrorist activity", Peskov told reporters.

"When the airplane was hit, people were thinking that this was going to be more serious. We are responsible for doing". "It's not in the game".

"For some time, Israel has been calling attention to Iran's efforts to establish another front on its border and attempt to build a permanent military presence in Syria, a call that has been largely ignored by much of the global community", he continued.

Granted, the Trump administration inherited the chaos in Syria, but it can't afford to let Iran carry out its own nefarious agenda, point blank, on Israel's doorstep. The pro-Assad military alliance said Israel had attacked a drone base in central Syriabut denied any of its drones had entered Israeli airspace. The downing of the F-16 had rattled Israel, which while remaining defiant, appeared to be taking stock of this latest qualitative development. It was the first Israeli aircraft shot down in combat since the 1982 Lebanon War.

For some time, Israelis have seethed over Iran's ever-deepening presence in Syria.

Shortly after the retaliatory airstrikes on Syria, Netanyahu reemphasized to Putin Israel's resolve to aggressively counter any Iranian threat to the Jewish State.

After the Putin-Netanyahu phone conversation, a spokesman for the Russian president said that '[T] he Russian side called for any steps, which might trigger a new spiral of unsafe for all confrontation in the region, to be avoided'.

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There's no question this isn't good for US interests either, but especially with USA forces deployed across the Middle East on counterterrorism missions; Iran is no fan of the United States. "It is absolutely unacceptable to create threats to the lives and security of Russian servicemen who are in Syria at the invitation of its legitimate government to assist in the fight against terrorists", the ministry said.

Israel also made it loud and clear that it had no intention of letting Iran get away with its ongoing war games that are meant to make the Jewish State out to be the aggressor - as the Islamic regime has done via its jihadist terror group, Hezbollah, in Syria and Lebanon, as well as amongst the Palestinians in Israel's West Bank and Gaza Strip. It is inconceivable, therefore, that the Russians did not know what its mission was. And because no one wants to own responsibility for fixing Syria - a gargantuan project - they all want to just rent their influence there. "We made it unequivocally clear to everyone that our rules of action have not changed one bit".

Now, it's Russian President Vladimir Putin's move.

The downing of an Israeli fighter jet this weekend by Syrian air defenses suggest yet another frontier in the conflict is opening up, risking a wider and possibly regional conflagration. "We are very pleased with the backing the USA has given the State of Israel".

In response, Netanyahu blocked plans for a Bill to annex some West Bank settlements.

As the United States continues to strengthen its partnership with Israel under the Trump administration - attempting to fix eight years of anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian foreign policy implemented by former President Barack Obama - U.S. State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert stressed that America resolutely supports Israel in its conflict with its neighboring Arab enemies. However, not so fast, said the Americans nearly immediately, as they dismissed Netanyahu's claim that they had held talks with him over such a move. "The expectations are that the Russians will stop it because I don't think anyone is interested right now in a war", Oren said.

Iran's seven-year involvement in the Syrian war has increasingly worries Israel, as Iranian military personnel and militias it backs have established themselves close to Israel's norther border.