'Emotional support peacock' turned away from United Airlines flight

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A passenger was proud enough to actually try and fly with her peacock.

The passenger had reportedly offered to buy the bird its own ticket to board the United Airlines flight to Los Angeles from Newark Airport, according to travel blog Live and Let Fly.

This is the freaky moment that a woman attempted to take an "emotional support" peacock on a United Airlines flight, before her unusual request was politely declined.

A spokesperson told the Associated Press his owner had been informed of this three times "before they arrived at the airport".

Ventiko, a Brooklyn-based artist, said the peacock's name is Dexter, according to the BBC.

A rift has grown between disabled people who rely on trained service animals, usually dogs, and passengers with support or comfort animals.

"I've actually not had a situation where we had something go terribly awry with an emotional support animal, aside from a cat".

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In addition, officials have agreed that going forward a second person will be needed to confirm sending out alerts. Kenneth Hara, Hawaii's deputy adjutant general, to review emergency management protocol and to institute reforms.

Airline representatives and disability support advocates met in 2016 to establish guidelines for passengers who wish to bring their therapy animals on their flights.

The Jet Set shared pictures and video of the peacock in the airport, perched on top of a luggage cart. As well, passengers will be required to provide a doctor's note, signed veterinarian health form and proof of animal training before boarding. The carrier claims the policy change, which starts in March, was made in response to growing complaints of untrained animals biting customers and urinating inside the airplane.

United Airlines said the unusual support animal violated their policy.

Canadian carrier WestJet allows miniature horse and monkeys to board as emotional support animals - with proper documentation.

But the only animals allowed to travel on the bus are service animals, he said, unless the animal is in a carrier designated for the animal.

However, the airline declined to board the bird due to "health and safety concerns".