China Slams US 'Cold War Mentality' Amid Nuclear Policy Shift

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In a written statement, Trump on Friday said USA strategy is created to make use of nuclear weapons less likely.

The document says enhancing deterrence capabilities with low-yield nuclear arsenals is necessary.

The US military has proposed diversifying its nuclear arsenal and developing new, smaller atomic bombs, largely to counter Russian Federation.

The Chinese Defense Ministry today rejected the revision of the nuclear strategy announced by the United States, whose government considered that China is a possible adversary in Asia that can take advantage of its atomic weapons.

The statement also stressed that "China firmly adheres to the peaceful path of development and defensive nature of state policy, strictly complies with its obligations to implement the principle of never and under no circumstances using nuclear weapons first, as well as of never using or threatening to use nuclear weapons against states without nuclear capacity and in nuclear-weapon-free zones", reported Sputnik. The assessment, known as a Nuclear Posture Review, mainly concerns USA nukes and missiles.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expressed "deep disappointment" at the plan.

However, America is concerned that its arsenal won't remain an effective deterrent without being modernized.

Countering the "growing threat from revisionist powers", such as China and Russian Federation, was at the heart of America's new defence strategy announced last month.

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The U.S. unveiled the strategy on Friday.

The document released on Friday by the Pentagon, known as the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), argues that developing smaller nuclear weapons would challenge that assumption. At its core is expanding low-yield nuclear weapons.

Land-based ballistic missiles, submarine-launched missiles, and air-delivered weapons - to be extensively modernised, as begun under ex-President Obama.

Return of sea-based nuclear cruise missiles.

The document said the USA will develop for deployment a "low-yield" nuclear warhead for submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

China "has always kept its own nuclear forces at the minimum level required by national security", Mr Ren said.

This isn't the first time that China has used the Cold War label to denounce US policy. Late past year it denounced Washington's updated defence strategy and urged the USA to abandon "outdated notions".