Calais Shooting Leaves Four Migrants In Critical Condition After Mass Brawl

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French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb on Friday pledged to send more security forces to northern port city of Calais after violent migrant fightings left many wounded.

Help Refugees on Friday issued a statement saying they had "always warned of the unsafe and violent potential of criminal gangs in Calais and the destructive influence they hold over those in the region".

Beyond pouring millions into more police and extra security measures in Calais, Mr Macron said he wanted to reduce the amount of time migrants spent in France.

"The destitution, desperation and fear of the authorities have allowed these tragic events to take place, because smugglers exploit it. They follow 3 deaths and 2 almost fatal accidents in the last 2 months, showing the sheer hopelessness looming over everyone", she said.

France's interior minister said it was a level of violence never seen before among refugees in the region, warning the situation had reached a point that was "unbearable" for both refugees and residents.

Collomb said the government would take control of food distribution, now done by charities, with those groups working in association with authorities.

Several scuffles broke out mid-afternoon between migrants from different communities, the prefecture said.

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Tensions have been high in the French port city since 2016 when authorities demolished a makeshift encampment known as the "Jungle," which hosted thousands of migrants attempting to make their way to the United Kingdom across the English Channel.

After police moved in "to protect the Afghan migrants", the four were shot, the prefecture said. An Afghan migrant is believed to have fired shots, culminating an epic brawl between the Afghan and predominately Eritrean migrants who had gathered for the meals handed out by aid groups, according to French media accounts.

Then a second brawl also erupted in an industrial area around two miles away, in the suburb of Marck.

The spike in violence follows a Calais police operation to remove squatters on Thursday morning.

The last fight between migrants resulting in gunshot wounds at the camp was in November previous year.

Numerous migrants complained about CRS riot control officers pulling down tents and bivouacs set up in woods close to the ferry port.