Big Parade to Show Trump's 'Fondness for Military,' Mattis Says

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They have only criticism for Mr. Trump's military parade.

Secretary of Defense James "Maddog" Mattis on Wednesday told reporters the planning has begun and once complete he will send it to the White House. It's a great idea, and is a ideal event symbolizing the fact that America is getting back on her feet after eight years of a commander-in-chief who reveled in complaining about America and decimating our military.

President Donald Trump's dream of hosting a military parade in Washington was met with widespread derision Wednesday, with critics seeing evidence of creeping authoritarianism.

"That military may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue", he said in the interview.

President Donald Trump has said that he wants a grand military parade to show support for the military.

Gen. Mark Hertling told TIME that a military parade goes against US democratic traditions. "And I don't think that's been announced".

Though the USA has held a few military parades throughout its history, Slate points out that the distinction is that these events were held in celebration after successfully winning a war, such as World War I, World War II and the Spanish-American War.

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Some lawmakers chafed at the prospective costs.

"This is not about a dictatorship".

Mr Mattis appeared at the briefing to lay out an argument for fully funding the military - shortly after Senate leaders announced that they had struck a deal on a budget that includes a major boost in military spending. A military parade would be fun, would honor our vets and would remind the world that America is a superpower and proud of it. Military planners are looking at dates and locations for the parade, as well as costs, logistics and whether it is feasible to hold a parade displaying large weaponry such as tanks on Pennsylvania Avenue, a defense official told CNN.

Del. Eleanor Norton Holmes, D-D.C., who can not vote in the House of Representatives, said the parade would "waste of taxpayer dollars just to feed Trump's ego". He says "we all know" Trump's "affection for the military". Let the grandeur of the US Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon put on a show. But he said what he called a "Soviet style hardware display" would be "cheesy" and show weakness instead of strength.

The Post also reported that the Pentagon would prefer to hold such a parade on Veteran's Day in November, in part because it would coincide with the 100th anniversary of the victorious end of World War I. It would thus be less directly associated with the president and politics, the Post said.

"Trump is so lazy, I wouldn't be surprised if he had one of the grabbers so he can reach his Diet Coke without getting off the couch", Meyers said.