BC wine marketers 'worth their salt' will capitalize on Alberta's ban

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The back and forth between the provincial governments in BC and Alberta, respectively, continues.

He's concerned about the long-term implications if the B.C. government retaliates against Alberta. "Nor will I be distracted by the events that are taking place in other jurisdictions".

The federal position appears both hypocritical and nonsensical, and therefore impossible to reconcile according to Toronto Star National Affairs Columnist Thomas Walkom (https://www.thestar.com/opinion/star-columnists/2018/02/02/bc-pipeline-faceoff-underscores-justin-trudeaus-climate-change-contradictions.html): "The latest pipeline faceoff.is more than a constitutional tussle.it is a reminder that the core of (Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's climate-change) policy - the assertion that carbon emissions can be adequately reduced without significant economic cost - is simply not true".

"We bring in a lot of Alberta beef into British Columbia, so I would rather not go down that route", said Popham.

The dispute started after BC announced further shipments of bitumen from Alberta would be limited and that's considered a direct threat to the expansion of the Kinder Morgan's pipeline which ends in Burnaby.

"Here in British Columbia right now, we are not set up currently to feed and finish the number of cattle we produce to the end, and we don't have a federally inspected packing facility", Boon explained.

Anti-pipeline activist Torrance Coste, the Vancouver Island campaigner for the Wilderness Committee, tweeted Tuesday that Alberta's boycott was a "petty shot" and shared a photograph of two stemless glasses of B.C. VQA red.

"I'm proud of B.C.'s wine industry and of the B.C. NDP government's commitment to consult on the best ways to protect our lands and waters", said Cook.

When a diesel fuel spill took place on January 31 near the Howe Sound community of Port Mellon, British Columbians were concerned.

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Alberta's tar sands drive the majority of Canada's carbon emission growth, and generations of governments have knowingly compromised the climate in order to expand them. "We're going to focus on the issues that matter to British Columbians and hope that cooler heads on the other side of the Rockies will prevail".

Anderson says Kinder Morgan never anticipated getting caught in the middle of an inter-provincial battle like this. "Albertans didn't want or invite this fight".

A Fort McMurray restaurant owner is thanking Premier Rachel Notley after the province announced they are putting a cork on the flow of B.C. wines coming to Alberta. "But if anything, this may highlight the trade barriers that exist in the liquor business - it's easier to export wine already outside the coutnry than it is between provinces in Canada".

With the B.C. wine industry centred on the Okanagan, the issue is important to the local economy, where other sectors such as the tourism industry also benefit from visitors' interest in wine.

In my view, if Prime Minister Trudeau truly believes the Trans Mountain pipeline project is in Canada's national interests, he need to step up and ensure that project is built.

Trudeau jetted off to Chicago Wednesday morning for the first leg of a USA tour where he will discuss how public service can promote closer ties between the US and Canada.

But he says he expects the federal government to help solve the spat between the provinces.

"Maybe choose some terrific Alberta craft beer instead", she said at a press conference.

Whatever happens, the dispute offers Trudeau big risk and reward, said Tom Bateman, associate political science professor at New Brunswick's St. Thomas University.