Battle for Azeroth Pre-order Bonuses and Release Date Revealed

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An announcement from Blizzard's official site has revealed that the latest expansion in the company's flagship MMO, World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, is to be released this summer. Horde players can start leveling new Highmountain Tauren and Nightborne elf characters, while Alliance players can get a jump on leveling Lightforged Draenei and Void Elves. Once the race is available, players can then create their new character, and these new races will begin at level 20.

Battle for Azeroth sees the armies of the Horde and Alliance turn their attention back toward one another following their shared victory over the demonic Burning Legion. Players who want to unlock these Allied Races must be Exalted with that race's associated Legion faction.

Pre-orders for the game are already live, and the stampede to get them has caused trouble with Blizzard's purchasing servers across multiple games, as I discovered last night while playing Hearthstone. There's also two versions of the expansion competing for your cash: The Digital Deluxe Edition and the Standard Edition, which retail for £52.99 and £39.99, respectively. If you do decide to level up one of the new races from 20 to 110 will unlock a set of cosmetic gear known as Heritage Armor.

Battle for Azeroth's pre-purchase costs $49.99.

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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is due out on or before September 21 of this year, and beta testing for the expansion should be coming soon.

With this expansion also comes the usual addition of content, such as the level cap being raised, new dungeons and raids being added, new continents, and new mechanics.

StarCraft II: Horde and Alliance sprays will let you cover the map while declaring your allegiance. For Heroes of the Storm, you get a Primal Flamesaber mount, which has three variants. I don't know what had to change at Blizzard Entertainment to pump out new, quality content at a faster clip, but World of Warcraft's next expansion is closer than I could have reasonably expected.