Apple employees keep walking into glass walls

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No word on whether Apple's much shorter spaceship office suffers from similar issues. "While it is a technical marvel to make glass at this scale, that's not the achievement", Jony Ive, Apple's design chief, told the magazine in May. According to Marketwatch, at least two suffered cuts to their heads and required treatment by emergency services.

The whole building is surrounded by curved glass, and work spaces inside are also made with a lot of glass. They asked not to be identified discussing anything related to Apple.

Whilst there are some markings on these panes, it seems employees haven't quite adjusted to their new campus. Cook said at the company's annual shareholder meeting earlier this week that the public won't ever be allowed to see the inside without an Apple badge, and authorities have been called for at least one trespassing complaint in the early days of the new headquarters, according to the records. Steve Jobs tasked celebrated British architect Norman Foster to design the company's new headquarters back in 2006 based on his own conception-a giant flawless ring to rule them all, built using giant glass panes, carbon fiber, and ground unicorn carcasses. After the incidents, employees began using Post-its to mark where walls are, but the sticky notes were reportedly removed "because they detracted from the building's design". After the unveiling of the first look, the campus architecture was praised by fans and publications for its sleek appearance.

For a while employees started stickling blank post-it notes to the glass walls.

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Silicon Valley is known for moving fast and breaking things, but Apple Inc. may want its employees to slow down in order to not break themselves or the company's new $5 billion headquarters.

Place thousands of people distracted by iPhones in a building that is mostly transparent, and perhaps the results are inevitable.

As you'd expect, Apple isn't commenting and won't let the general public into the building.

We all know how important design is to Apple, which could account for why they didn't put safety markings on the glass.