Adult film star Stormy Daniels issues new denial of affair with Trump

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"I do not know where it came from", she said.

The expert way Daniels dodged the questions about her alleged affair with Trump seemed to have cleared up a lot of things - or at least that's what most social media users believe.

During the interview, Daniels remained coy over whether she was subject to a non-disclosure agreement, merely replying: "Do I?"

President Trump's alleged mistress "Stormy Daniels" appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" after Trump's State of the Union speech. "It came from the internet", she said.

According to that WSJ article, Daniels referenced a sexual encounter with Trump at a golf tournament in 2006.

Clifford said she didn't do the interview "as it is written".

"Stormy Daniels is lying, she knows what she did and she's on her Make America Horny Again tour", she continued.

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Daniels then goes on to explain how she is "not denying the affair because I was paid "hush money" as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids".

Just hours before the show began a new statement was released that was supposedly signed by the porn star.

"If you did not have a nondisclosure agreement, you could say that you did not have a nondisclosure agreement", the host pointed out. After comparing Daniels' signature on the statement to her autographs and determining that they didn't match, Kimmel asked his guest point black if she had anything to do with this statement.

Earlier in January, The Wall Street Journal reported that the erotic entertainer was paid $130,000 by Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, before the 2016 presidential election to hide an alleged 2006 affair she had with Trump, who was already married to Melania Trump.

In his opening monologue, Kimmel referred to a 2011 InTouch interview in which Cliffords had stated "that she could definitely describe Donald Trump's junk perfectly - if she ever had to". The East Wing, which has vacillated between being forceful or unresponsive in recent weeks, gave a tentative confirmation on Monday: "That is the plan", her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said in an email. Daniels also told Kimmel. "I thought this was a talk show, not a horror movie", she joked.

While ABC did not provide an official reason for the sudden cancellation, Goldberg specifically discussed Cupp's comments when reporting that Daniels' appearance was in question.