White House requests $13bn to build Trump's border wall

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Donald Trump insisted on Saturday that Mexico would pay for a wall along the southern United States border, one day after his administration asked Congress for $18bn over the next decade to start construction on the barrier. But members of Congress have not yet agreed to spending any money on the wall, and Mexico has repeatedly said it won't foot the bill.

Lawmakers face a 5 March deadline to find a legislative fix for the young immigrants after the Trump administration rescinded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or Daca, the Obama-era program that offered legal status to roughly 800,000 younger undocumented migrants.

His administration asked for $1.6 billion this year to build or replace 74 miles (118 kilometers) of fencing in Texas and California, and officials have said they also will seek $1.6 billion next year.

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Trump's demand for border wall marks divide with GOP lawmakers

'This is not going to get us the whole wall we need, but it's a start, ' she said.

The wish list was delivered to Congress Friday, and shockingly, is an exact copy of a list of policies Democrats called a "non-starter" in October during other efforts to strike a bipartisan immigration deal in order to protect DACA recipients, leading many to suspect that this latest Trump administration effort could also derail bipartisan discussions. The plan provides one of the most detailed blueprints of how the president hopes to carry out a signature campaign pledge. At the time, he estimated the construction would cost $10 billion and cover the entire 2,000-mile border.

Border Patrol agents patroling the United States-Mexico Border wall during Opening the Door Of Hope/Abriendo La Puerta De La Esparana, at Friendship Park in San Ysidro, Calif., on November 19, 2016.

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