Popular new feature on Google app matches your face with famous painting

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It's spawned think pieces and revealed Renoir or Degas dopplegangers for a slew of your friends, so you've also probably downloaded the app yourself, only to scroll in a desperate search for the feature.

Next, after downloading and installing it, all you have to do is find the section dedicated to taking selfies and comparing them with famous artworks.


Here's show you how to use it.

(And for those of you with privacy concerns, Google says submitted selfies are deleted as soon as a match is found.) Google classifies the feature as experimental, which seems appropriate since the matches range from frighteningly accurate to outright hilarious.

A user can take a selfie in the app, and this feature then uses computer vision technology to match this picture with a portrait in a museum.

When I first opened the app, I didn't really know what to do or where to go.

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Google Arts & Culture app's Selfie match feature: Here's how to use in India

Though the Google Arts & Culture app has been available since 2016, the find-your-art-lookalike feature was released with its latest update in mid-December.

I opened the menu on the left, which is full of stuff but doesn't have a "take selfie" option. While that feature was created to enhance user's privacy and control, it also highlighted how well Facebook's platform recognizes people's faces without much input from users. Though the feature is officially restricted to United States only for now, that hasn't stopped people from other countries for accessing the Google Arts & Culture app's latest feature and posting their own "selfie doppelganger". Boom. You've got portraits. So how can India users try out the "selfie matching" feature on the Google Arts & Culture app?

And, lest you run out of faces to make, the app doesn't just deliver results for humans.

In all seriousness, the processing time is minimal and there's a hilarious moment of suspense as you wait for the app to tell you which art work your face most closely resembles.

Are you a Vincent van Gogh?

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