Patient's relative dies after inhaling liquid oxygen in MRI room

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Reports say a ward boy standing outside the room told Maru that it was okay to carry the oxygen cylinder.

The Maharashtra government has announced a Rs five lakh compensation to the kin of the victim.

"He went there to visit my ailing mother, but we did not know he would meet such a fate", Harish Solanki, Maru's brother-in-law, told the ANI news agency.

But when Maru and the patient entered the MRI room, the machine was already switched on, Solanki claimed. Despite the family members bringing it to their notice that metal is not allowed inside the room, they insisted on him entering and ended up paying for it with his life. "No security guard was either present to tell him that he should not carry oxygen cylinder with him to MRI room", said Solanki. "The moment Maru stepped in, the powerful magnetic field "sucked him and the oxygen cylinder from a distance of two feet". How can the hospital be so careless?" Deputy Municipal Commissioner Sunil Dhamne has set up a committee to probe the incident.

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The hospital management are inquiring into the incident and will take appropriate action after the report, said Dr Ramesh Bharmal, Dean, Nair Hospital, the report said. So we thought let's just go in. Prima facie whatever information I have received, it doesn't look like our staff is at fault.

"It's due to their carelessness that he died", Solanki blamed the staff, demanding action from the erring doctor and the ward boy responsible. As Laxmi was supposed to undergo an MRI scan on Saturday morning, MICU ward boy Vithal Chavan took Laxmi along with her family to the Hospital's MRI section. A strong magnetic field pulled the oxygen cylinder towards it along with the man, eyewitnesses described. In large enough quantities, it's poisonous-Maru's autopsy showed his cause of death to be toxic amounts of inhaled liquid oxygen, according to the Hindustan Times. Our staff quickly switched off the MRI button. They rushed him to the emergency ward but he died within minutes.

Patients are thoroughly checked for any metal objects such as jewellery, belts and coins on them before MRI scanning.

Maru's body has been sent to the JJ hospital for post-mortem.