Love is in the air - Pope Francis marries couple during Chile flight

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The couple made do with a civil ceremony and never quite got back to their original plan of marrying in a church before Pope Francis gave them a better option.

Crew members Paula Podest and Carlos Ciuffardi celebrate after being married by Pope Francis.Pope Francis asked them if they were married and the couple told him they had been scheduled to be Wednesday when the 2010 Chile natural disaster hit, destroying the church where they were to tie the knot.Life went on for the two flight attendants, who had met at work - Podest is Ciuffardi's boss - and have two children: Rafaela, 6, and Isabela, 3. "I am one with my brother bishops, for it is right to ask forgiveness and make every effort to support the victims, even as we commit ourselves to ensuring that such things do not happen again", the pope said. May this motivate others to get the sacrament of marriage. The groom shared, "We told him that we are husband and wife, that we have two daughters and that we would have loved to receive his blessing. All of a sudden, he asked us if we were married for the Church too", said Ciuffardi as quoted by ANI.

The Pope, Ciuffardi said, asked them "Are you sure, absolutely sure?" The bride was then surrounded by around 70 journalists who travel with the pope on his foreign trips.

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At the end of the in-flight ceremony, the employees also co-signed a handwritten marriage certificate that bore the pope's signature, "Francis".

She said Francis offered a bit of advice to the not-so-newlyweds: "The wedding rings shouldn't be too tight, because they'll torture you, but if they're too loose, they'll fall off. So we have to be careful".

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