Las Vegas supporters prepare for Women's March

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Marchers, many in bright pink cat-eared "pussy" hats, held signs attacking Trump. Fawzia Mirza drew cheers from the crowd as she kicked off the event with a reference to the partial government shutdown, which began hours earlier.

From Washington DC to Chicago and from California to Japan, crowds of women and their supporters turned out, seeking to channel activism into political change as the USA looks ahead to crucial mid-term elections in November.

Tammy Murphy, the wife of Democrat Phil Murphy, said the attack occurred while she was a sophomore at the University of Virginia.

A spokeswoman for the Women's March, Emily Patton, was quoted by the local media as saying that last year's march "was a rallying cry for a lot of women, who wanted their voices to be heard". "You know so everyone who was out in the airports rallying previous year and marching in the streets, many of them are now sitting in state legislatures across the country". In Chicago, organizers said Saturday's attendance was comparable to, if not larger than, last year's crowd of 250,000.

"Women continue giving us the power", he said.

"I think we've moved from doing the important culture change work to now starting to think about institutional change and passing policies", said Kelley Robinson, the national organizing director for Planned Parenthood.

The Republican president delivered new support to the anti-abortion movement he once opposed, speaking by video to thousands of activists at the annual March for Life on Friday.

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Bob Bland, a NY fashion designer who is now one of the organization's national co-chairs, joined the call to action with her own message: "Who wants to join me?!?" she asked.

Despite wave of the protests, Mr Trump said the day was a good opportunity for women to celebrate his time in office.

They want to register a million new voters and get more strong advocates for women's rights into office.

"Women are scared to speak and because I was vilified by everything I said, I was called a prostitute for being raped", she said at the rally. Some found them less inclusive because not everyone has female genitalia. The movement took off in the aftermath of allegations of abuse levelled at film producer Harvey Weinstein, allegations he has denied.

With widespread criticism of the policies of the Trump Administration dominating the marches this Saturday across the country, the participants chanted one of their slogans, dedicated to the president on the anniversary of his arrival at the White House "Welcome to your first year, why the hell are you still here?".

Organisers said they were determined that the energy and passion that went into creating banners and placards would also have a political impact.

Among the speakers at the rally at the Capitol was former Texas state Sen. Women in the USA illegally, sex workers and those formerly incarcerated are welcome, she said.