House Speaker Ryan: Trump's comments 'unfortunate,…

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"Thought about my own family", adds "my family came from Ireland and worked the railroads, the Irish were really looked down upon back in those days".

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he spoke to President Donald Trump after Trump's Thursday morning tweets about the surveillance bill later passed by the House. "I just think it's important we celebrate that".

Trump's first tweet about surveillance on Thursday mentioned a House vote on a section of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act that allows the FISA court to demand communications made by foreign persons not on US soil from USA companies like Google and AT&T.

Ryan suggested he would like to see a permanent solution to the issue of the DACA illegal aliens as well as a "security component" to permanently fix America's illegal immigration problem.

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Ryan on Friday called the comments "unfortunate" and "unhelpful" but argued negotiations for a deal regarding the DACA program must continue, even if it's not resolved by the January 19 spending deal deadline. He said he's confident they will reach a long-term spending agreement at some point, even if he can't say when.

Ryan said the President's reported remarks are similar to what his Irish ancestors encountered upon their arrival.

Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, echoed that sentiment, saying he wants a "bipartisan consensus" on entitlement reform. "We will have to do something short term", Ryan told a political forum in his native Wisconsin, when asked whether Congress would be able to reach a deal before government lights go out next Friday at midnight. The president said overhauling social safety net programs is "going to have to be bipartisan".