Google Assistant now available across over 400mn devices

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The Google Home Mini was introduced as a low-cost rival to compete with Amazon's Echo Dot, and it can be assumed that more Mini devices were sold than original Home devices due to the price point, although Google hasn't provided any sales figures.

One of the biggest holiday shopping season is behind us, and Google seems to be proud of how well its products performed since mid-October.

Google says since October one Google Home device - both the Home and Mini - sells every minute, with more than 400 million devices installed with Google Assistant. However, it did not reveal the sales figures for the individual devices. Google will be showcasing its products at CES this week in Las Vegas. Coming off the success of a Kickstarter campaign, the Homey is now on the market and positioning its brand among some of the largest companies in the world. We've built a way to answer those questions: The GearBrain - a compatibility checker designed for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, displaying every smart device that works with either of the leading smart speaker assistants.

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Voice controlled home assistants have been making their way into households over the past few years and the trend will continue in 2018.

With smartphone features, many of these home devices extend the convenience of a virtual assistant.

Voice recognition devices for the home could help to combat loneliness for vulnerable elderly people, the clinical advisor to Public Health England has said. Google chose to brag a bit about how successful its Home speakers have been in a blog post published yesterday.