Fireball Cuts Through the Sky Over Michigan as Meteor Falls

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Reports of a fireball falling from the sky poured in as a meteor lit up the night and shook some MI residents' homes, The Associated Press reported.

The American Meteor Society says it received more than 355 reports about the fireball.

The society said reports suggest that a space rock went deep into the Earth's atmosphere before breaking apart, the AP reported. The shaking wasn't exaggerated, either-the U.S. Geological Service registered a 2.0 magnitude natural disaster in that area last night. When it entered into the atmosphere, he said, it heated up and began to melt away, producing the bright light that people saw.

Did you see a big flash in the sky or hear what sounded like a clap of thunder Tuesday night? "It is likely that there are meteorites on the ground near this region", reports the AMS.

Any pieces of the meteor that survived are likely somewhere in southeast MI.

Well, that wish was granted when a rumbling boom and a flash of light lit up the night sky at around 8:10 p.m. on January 16.

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NASA officials are now analyzing the data but reports from the organizations Meteoroid Environmental Office in Alabama told The Detroit News.

Per CBS, numerous other social media users captured shots of the moment the suspected meteor broke up in the skies over MI.

"Over Michigan, they're rare", he said.

The meteor was a super bolide, meaning it was brighter than a full moon but not as bright as the sun.

"The sparkling display sent social media users into a frenzy, making "#meteor" a top 5 trending topic in the US on Twitter.

It was a piece of an asteroid, and NASA is investigating where in space it came from. "They didn't make it into a planet like the Earth, so they can tell you something about the history of what happened before the Earth existed".