Colorado lawmakers react to Trump's reported attempt to fire Mueller

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Tom Thillis of North Carolina, which seeks to preserve executive power by granting a fired special counsel the right to appeal the president's decision before a panel of judges.

The Times published the story on Thursday, claiming that Trump ordered the firing of Mueller in June, but backed off after White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign, "according to four people told of the matter".

U.S. senator alleges there's a "secret society" within the FBI: Republicans ramped up their attacks against the FBI and the DOJ after Sen. As for timing, he said, "I guess they're talking about two or three weeks, but I'd love to do it".

The report follows developments that the special counsel interviewed attorney general Jeff Sessions for several hours last week.

"I don't know if the story is true or not, but I know this, Mueller should look at it", the SC lawmaker said Sunday on ABC's "This Week". Tillis's bill, written with Senator Christopher Coons, Democrat of DE, would allow a fired special counsel to appeal the president's decision to a panel of judges, to avoid trampling the president's executive authority. Grassley has said he will only consider one of the bills in committee but lawmakers have not yet settled the chosen legislation.

The latest evidence the president has cited was a string of text messages from a former agent on Mueller's probe, which show that agent vociferously opposing the president. Dowd's disclosure did only not name the people nor provide a breakdown of how many were interviewed only by Mueller's team.

In terms of the Trump administration's public position, the report has so far yielded no change - the president's attorneys emphasized this week how many documents they've given special counsel and congressional investigators, and how many witnesses they've made available.

While Dent said Wednesday that there may be some "bad apples" in federal law enforcement, he said he has "confidence" in Mueller and that Republicans should not undermine the probe.

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"Fake news. Fake news".

"President Trump and aides found themselves grappling Friday with yet another damaging report on the Russian Federation investigation".

The Times story described Trump formulating a case against Mueller as someone who could investigate possible Trump campaign involvement with Russia's attack on the 2016 election.

Republicans say their scrutiny is appropriate and does not undermine Mueller's inquiry.

The U.S. Congress should take a new look at proposed legislation to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his probe of the Trump campaign's ties with Russian Federation after President Donald Trump's attempt to fire him past year, two Republican senators said on Sunday.

Asked about the report Friday at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump declared it "fake news".

The saga around Trump's desire to to fire the special counsel isn't the first time McGahn has been a key player in the inner workings of the White House.