Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC Expansion Releases In February, Here's What It Includes

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History defining moments like the Battle of Passchendaele, the crippling strike of Caporetto and River Somme's bloodbath make an appearance, while exclusive aerial combat maps "London Calling" and "Razor's Edge" challenge players to conquer the skies in Air Assault, a new game mode. The latest slice of DLC for the brutal shoot-'em-up features five new maps that focus on the latter stages of the Great War. You can find the details for each map and the new game mode below. Claw your way across the devastated landscape and huddle for cover in dugouts and tattered ruins.

Battlefield 1's fourth and final expansion pack has been fully detailed by DICE. The Belgium wasteland Passchendaele, the Italian countryside of Caporetto, and the French River Somme are among the next stations for courageous soldiers to face their relentless enemies.

"Engage in frantic dogfights among snowy peaks, as British and German aces fight for control on this intense map". Air Assault promises "a fury of dogfights" that "could include a climactic face-off with Airships".

The new arsenal includes two melee weapons, the prybar and meat cleaver, with new firearms such as the Chauchat-Ribeyrolles SMG and other unique weapons.

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DICE have not forgotten the ground troops either though, as the DLC is also bringing a new range of anti-aircraft weapons to the game.

Premium Pass owners will also receive the Turning Tide DLC North Sea campaign later this month.

New aircraft - You'll be able to take charge of two bombs on the new Caporetto map: the Hansa Brandenburg GI and the Airco DH10. Apocalypse will introduce new ranks, Service Assignments, Specializations, and Dog Tags. You can purchase the Premium Pass from the Microsoft Store for $49.99. You'll see gameplay footage of the battle in the video above, along with a look at new weapons coming with the DLC.