Australia lifesaving drone makes first rescue in under two minutes

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He, along with Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair and Parliamentary Secretary for Northern NSW Ben Franklin, witnessed the world-first rescue unfold.

Along with their ability to spot swimmers in trouble and deliver lifesaving devices faster than traditional lifesaving techniques, like launching surfboards or rubber dinghies, drones are being used in Australia to spot underwater predators, like sharks and jellyfish.

In what is believed to be a world-first drone surf rescue, two boys on Thursday got caught in three-metre (10-foot) swells while swimming off Lennox Head in New South Wales, near the border with Queensland.

Mr Barilaro said the rescue demonstrated that the government's $430,000 investment in drone technology on the state's beaches was already paying off.

The rescue happened about 11.30am, as lifeguards were preparing for a training session to familiarise themselves with the drones.

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The lifeguards about a kilometer away deployed the drone after being alerted by the teens' friends.

Lifeguard supervisor Jai Sheridan was in the middle of piloting a drone, or unmanned aerial vehicle, at the time so was able to utilize the same device to drop the pod.

The pair were uninjured during the ordeal.

This rescue comes not long after the NSW government chose to invest roughly $430,000 AUD in this sort of drone technology as part of an ongoing North Coast trial.

Lifeguards launched the drone, steered it towards the swimmers and dropped a "rescue pod" into the water, where it expanded so the swimmers could grab it and swim to shore.