Tired travelers arrive in Gulfport after Atlanta airport outage

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So, I got in the line so I could get rebooked and by the time we got there, there was no way we'd make any of our connections.

That's on top of more than a thousand flights canceled Sunday, and those effects are being felt in Savannah.

According to airport officials, Georgia Power said the outage was tied to a fire that caused extensive damage to an underground electrical facility.

Rather than inform 35,000 stranded passengers that the outage was connected to a fire in an airport substation, city officials opted to keep travelers out of the loop until they had ironclad confirmation. At Southwest Airlines, about 70 Atlanta departures out of 120 scheduled for Sunday were cancelled, an airline spokesman said in an email.

The blackout led the Federal Aviation Administration to declare a ground stop at the airport, preventing Atlanta-bound flights in other airports from taking off and causing inbound flights to be diverted. And they say they are going to be hard-pressed to use the Atlanta airport anytime again soon.

"They were literally kicking us out into the cold with no provision of where to put us", he said.

Biscaro did get her bags in Raleigh after waiting a few hours for the next flight to arrive.

The city of Atlanta offered people who were stranded overnight the option to stay at the Georgia International Convention Center, where Chick-fil-A provided food.

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Anthony Foxx, who was transportation secretary under President Barack Obama, was among many travelers stuck for hours in a plane on the tarmac. "But, we have plans in place that we drill on regularly that make sure if there's a primary power outage, that we have backup power available to make sure all the tools and all the machines that make it necessary for you to get to your destination still operate". The Delta check-in process was organized and lines were moving, she wrote.

Jodi Green's Delta flight from the Bahamas landed at 1:15 p.m. ET Sunday.

When she finally deplaned around 9 p.m.it was sweltering inside the airport, she said.

The flights canceled Sunday included one from Fort Wayne to Atlanta and three from Atlanta to Fort Wayne, Neild said.

Begley said the planning extends to thinking of how to handle and deal with stranded passengers. The outage grounded all of the hub's outgoing flights and halted incoming traffic for tens of thousands of travelers hoping to land there.is reporting that 1,180 flight were canceled as a result.

Mondays and the holiday breaks are the busiest times for Hartsfield-Jackson International, and this just made it worse.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said the restaurant chain served almost 2,000 meals on Sunday.