Kansas gas prices drop 4 cents, second largest decline nationally

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The research gives lie to the widespread belief that auto owners benefit from using more expensive high-octane premium fuel in vehicles that run fine on regular.

"This becomes increasingly important as the difference between the cost of regular and premium gasoline grows", IHS Markit senior analyst Stephanie Brinley said.

"The modest fuel economy improvements found in AAA tests do not offset the higher cost of premium gasoline", AAA said in a statement.

In 2015, drivers wasted $2.1 billion by paying for premium fuel when their vehicles were created to operate on regular, according to the AAA.

Of the 10 Kansas cities regularly highlighted by AAA Kansas (see chart above), all saw gas price declines this week, with the largest drops being Hays (-12 cents), Garden City (-9), and Emporia, Kansas City, Kan. and Wichita (all at -5). The average retail gasoline prices across the state have fallen four cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $2.54, according to GasBuddy's daily survey of 2,158 gas outlets in Colorado. The large drawdown demonstrates the US growing export prowess, with EIA reporting that crude exports reached 1.4 million barrels per dayd last week compared to 500,000 barrels per day at the same time a year ago. It will run just fine on Regular under most circumstances, he said. Individual drivers - particularly if their driving style can be described as "spirited" - may find an improvement in vehicle driving performance for off-the-line acceleration, highway passing, hill-climbing when loaded with luggage, or towing a trailer; and may determine that their personal driving benefits from the use of premium gasoline.

The Flu Shot Is Not Just About You
Regionally, Shelton said, not all the numbers are in regarding flu , but some increase in cases has been observed. Gina Games, a pharmacist at JR Pharmacy in Terre Haute, says this could potentially be a rough flu season.

"Horsepower for test vehicles averaged an increase of 1.4%", AAA said. On average, vehicles produced 1.4% more horsepower using Premium. But the Jeep Renegade actually produced slightly less power when running on Premium.

For those vehicles that do not recommend or require premium gasoline, AAA suggests drivers opt for the lower priced, regular fuel. These vehicles could sustain damage from prolonged use of Regular gasoline.

Automakers sometimes advertise higher horsepower figures they attained using premium to attract enthusiasts, and buyers who don't know how little the difference will mean to them. But most engines are created to run on Regular all the time.

In any event, to save money on gas and prevent straining your engine, follow the recommendations in the owner's manual.