How to Use Instagram's Newest Feature to Find Photos You'll Love

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The latest update for its platform radically transforms the app's primary feed.

If you have a few favorite hashtags on Instagram that you keep your eye on, the only way to do so until now has been to search for them and see what's newly tagged with them (unless a third-party app had the option to follow them). The service now lets users follow hashtags just like regular user accounts, and that's quite a big deal. Ogle wants to bring the same touch to Instagram's hashtags.

To follow a hashtag, you can search for it or click on one from a post, which will then open the hashtag page. The posts will appear in your home feed as well as the Instagram Stories listed at the top of the page.

Instagram Insights
Instagram Insights

According to The Verge, Matthew Ogle led the charge for this feature; he was behind the Discover Weekly playlist at Spotify, which relies on both machine learning and a human hand to curate a personalized playlist for each listener every week.

You can also view the hashtags that other users follow.

"Follow hashtag is the beginning of our efforts to continue to provide features that enable you to find and gain inspiration from the Instagram community", Instagram said. As someone who doesn't follow a lot of users on Instagram, my feed is usually quite-for lack of a better word-boring, and I sometimes have to wait hours to see a new post on my feed.

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