Health officials say flu now widespread in CT

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"When someone gets a flu shot, health care providers often ask if they are allergic to eggs", said allergist Matthew Greenhawt, MD, chair of the ACAAI Food Allergy Committee and lead author of the practice parameter. This is because the vaccine does not contain enough egg protein (ovalbumin) to trigger an allergic reaction, even among those with the most severe egg allergy. The updated practice parameters, which were written by American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Food Allergy Committee Chair Matthew Greenhawt, are based on dozens of studies that suggest the tiny amounts of egg protein found in a flu shot are not enough to trigger a risky reaction, even in people with a severe allergy.

There have been dozens of studies involving thousands of patients with egg allergy who have received a flu shot without allergic reactions - including hundreds with life-threatening egg allergy.

The flu is now considered to be widespread in CT, according to health officials.

Parents and guardians are required to give consent before their child receives the flu nasal spray vaccine in school.

Unfortunately this year's vaccine is not very effective against one of the circulating strains, but experts say that if you get the flu after getting the shot, your illness will be less severe.

During the 2015-2016 flu season, an estimated 308,232 people were hospitalized in the United States because of the flu, Kelso and his colleagues noted.

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It takes about two weeks for a flu shot to take full effect.

There have been 39 flu-related hospitalizations so far in Cuyahoga County, 33 in Summit County and 42 in Stark, according to health department statistics.

The DPH said more than 250 people tested positive for the flu as of early December.

Khan said they've seen some patients admitted into the hospital for the flu, but there aren't any definitive numbers at this point.

"My understanding is there's definitely some open beds at this time, we have the capacity to open extra beds if needed still", Khan said.

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