Google Maps Introduces Motorcycle Mode in India

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According to the report, Google Maps users in transit mode will get notifications updates similar to driving mode, such as reminder to get off a bus or train when he/she gets close to a stop.

If you've ever nodded off on public transit after a long day of work (or a big night out), Google Maps' upcoming feature could be just what you've been looking for. The feature is still to launch on iOS users. It would seem that Google has taken this in stride, and will roll out an update that makes it easier for the millions of commuters using alternative transportation.

Users would be able to "start" and "end" a trip, during which they could scroll through the details, and receive updates.

Maps will even remind you to get off your bus or train when you approach your stop, which should prove particularly useful if you're on the verge of falling asleep or visiting an area you're completely unfamiliar with.

The report also points out the lock screen notifications are interactive, making it possible to scan through the directions rather than have to enter the app.

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At this moment in time, the update hasn't been rolled out officially, but TechCrunch believes that Google will push the update live soon and that the firm is testing it with select users.

To get the notifications up and running, you just have to search for "transport directions" in the Google Maps app, like you normally would.

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