First Look at 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Plus Debut Date Revealed

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Netflix has finally set a date for "Marvel's Jessica Jones" Season 2.

There is still plenty more to learn about the new season, so for all things Jessica Jones and Netflix, please visit Netflix Life to get your Marvel fix. There are so many unbelievable things coming out of the comic book world, with new projects seemingly announced every day, so this is just a quick rundown of the five things that excite my inner fanboy.

Are you excited about the return of Jessica Jones?

Marvel's Jessica Jones will return to Netflix on March 8, 2018. The trailer teases what Jessica will be up to in her sophomore adventure, but did even more.

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After that it'll be headed to consoles (that includes PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One) "early next year". Portal has gone all over the place, from the darkest depths of Aperture Science to outer space, briefly.

When a new case lands on her doorstep, Jones finds herself confronting who she really has become, digging into her past and exploring the reasons as to why she's become who she now is.

This premiere date seemingly does confirm that Jessica Jones is the first one of the original four Marvel - Netflix shows to premiere following The Defenders. Previous set photos did confirm Tennant's return but there are still no details as to how he will be in the second season. We could see how this would work in the second season.

Pointing out the show's culture and dedication to creating an environment that supports women, both Ritter and Rosenberg take pride in the power of Jessica Jones' feminist leadership. Ritter also mentioned that the new season will be "very personal". The popular video-streaming service will bring back the show this March, so all we have to do is make it through the cold winter months.

In all likelihood, Tennant's Purple Man will be a figment of Jessica's imagination, tormenting her at low points during Season 2. When Jessica Jones season 2 premieres, the break between seasons will have been almost two and a half years. We're allowing Carrie-Anne Moss and Hogarth's story line, Rachael Taylor who plays Trish, and Eka Darville who plays Malcolm to have more opportunities for development so our world will feel a little bigger.