US Security Delegation Heads to Israel to Discuss Syria Ceasefire

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The official map included in a preliminary agreement that seeks to establish buffer zones in southwest Syria indicates that Iran-backed forces could deploy within several miles (kilometers) of the Israeli frontier - setting the stage for potential conflict between the bitter enemies. "This shows the true face of the Iranian regime", the official commented.

The letter came a day after American officials said that U.S. has been arming Iranian-linked militia and anti-Daesh envoy appointed during former U.S. President Barack Obama's tenure, Brett McGurk played a significant role in it.

"I have also informed our friends, firstly in Washington and also our friends in Moscow, that Israel will act in Syria, including in southern Syria, according to our understanding and according to our security needs", he said.

During a visit to Israel's northern border on Wednesday, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman stressed that the army is prepared for all scenarios. We will not allow Syria to become a front line against the state of Israel. In response to two earthquakes tn the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan, which killed more than 300 people and injured some 3,000, Israel did not offer assistance, citing the rejected offer. "Anyone who has yet to understand this, should".

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Russia has not promised to ensure a withdrawal of pro-Iranian forces from Syria, RIA news agency quoted Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov as saying on Tuesday.

Israel has long warned about the involvement of it archenemy Iran, and its terror proxy Hezbollah, in Syria.

Tel Aviv revealed, Monday, a secret meeting held last week between IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot and US General Curtis Scaparrotti in Brussels - it meant to discuss Iran's dominance in Syria and intention to impose its presence in the region via installing land and navy military bases. He added that "there was no talk about Iran or, moreover, pro-Iranian forces".