Target selling fidget spinners with potentially risky levels of lead

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Another model, the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner in Brass, tested at 1,300 ppm.

Target said their product safety team reviewed the US PIRG's test results and decided there was no need to pull the products from its shelves or website.

Fidget spinners containing risky amounts of lead were sold at Target stores nationwide, MASSPIRG announced Thursday.

But, this particular fidget spinner, isn't technically a toy. The Fidget Wild Spinner Premium Brass is also being sold on Target's website.

If you've purchased these toys and are anxious about lead exposure, U.S. PIRG is advising consumers to stop using the two fidget spinner models immediately, and to place them in a bag out of reach of children.

The federal legal limit for lead in children's products is 100 parts per million (ppm).

"The two fidget spinners cited in your letter are clearly marked on the package 'appropriate for customers 14 and older, ' and are not marketed to children", a Target official wrote in an email shared with Business Insider.

In the meantime, U.S. PIRG still recommends for adults and children to stop using the fidget spinners.

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However, the fidget spinners are sold near children's toys in stores. Traces of lead may end up inside a child's body when fingers are transferred from a fidget spinner to a child's mouth or food.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission said that fidget spinners are general use products, not children's products; They only consider a fidget spinner a toy if it is labeled for ages 12 or under, according to MASSPIRG.

Harold Chizick, a spokesperson for Bulls-I-Toys, released this statement, "Safety is one of our top priorities".

Fidget spinners are still all the rage among the young crowd.

The Marion County Health Department offers free lead testing on all consumer products every Thursday from noon to 5:00 p.m.

CoPIRGreport that when Target and the toy's distributor, Bulls i Toy, were alerted to the findings, they refused to address the problem.

U.S. PIRG publishes an annual report on toy safety, which has led to more than 150 product recalls and regulatory actions over the past 30 years.