Survey ranks Douglas, Paulding hospitals among tops for patient safety

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Its hospitals didn't fare well in their first report, with just one out of 44-Howard County General Hospital in Columbia-earning an "A" grade, the fourth lowest percentage in the country behind North Dakota, Washington D.C., and DE and just ahead of NY. "It ends up being a strategic decision, "how much effort do I want to spend on this?'", he said. By making the Hospital Safety Grades public, we've galvanized major changes in these states and many communities".

Based on that data, Leapfrog measures 27 aspects of patient health and safety. The state had just one hospital receive an A, Howard County General Hospital in Columbia. Rhode Island ranked first among the states with the most A hospitals. The five states with the biggest improvements include Rhode Island, which ranked as the best state overall on the most recent report, was ranked 50th in 2012. Other states with significant improvement include OR, going from 48th in 2012 to eighth today, Hawaii from 36th to third, Wisconsin from 44th to sixth, and Idaho from 19th to fourth.

Almost half of New Jersey's hospitals earned an "A" in the latest national safety report measuring how effective nurses, doctors and other medical staff are in preventing infections, falls and mistakes than often make patients sicker than they arrived. Maryland had previously been the only state unable to be graded due to an exemption from reporting key safety metrics at the national level.

Fifty-nine hospitals have earned an "A" ranking in each of the safety grades since its inception.

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St. Catherine Hospital was one of only 832 hospitals out of 2,639 hospitals in the US, and only one of 18 in IN, to receive an "A" for its commitment to meeting the highest patient safety standards in the country. "Our recommendation as always is that consumers work with their doctor to find the hospital that works best for their needs".

Conemaugh Memorial in Johnstown and UPMC Bedford received the top grade of "A" for fall 2017.

Leapfrog gave fifteen hospitals an "F" grade, but none of them are in Washington state. "Patient safety is patient safety".