Sexy or sleepy? How red wine affects you

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The alcohol you choose can actually change your mood, according to researchers. Each individual included in the study had drunk all the types of alcohol studied (spirits, beer, and red and white wine) in the last 12 months, so could comment on how each had affected their emotions. Researchers prepared a set of questionnaires to the participants, and it comprised of queries associated with the trigger of various types of feelings while drinking alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, white wine, and spirits.

Hard liquor causes the wildest mood swings, the researchers found.

They were most likely to report feeling relaxed (52.82%, 95% CI 52.23 to 53.37) or exhausted (60.08%, 95% CI 59.52 to 60.63) while drinking red wine.

Advertising "pushes the positive emotions people might look for from drinking, but it is important to understand the negative ones as well", said researcher Mark Bellis.

'For centuries, the history of rum, gin, vodka and other spirits has been laced with violence.

It is noteworthy that after drinking alcohol people often change their behavior, brain activity aktiviziruyutsya, and often after leaving feelings of intoxication, they do not remember what is happening. Those behind the study want to make people aware of how drinkers can build a tolerance to alcohol.

Marketing plays into this, Professor Bellis said: "There is a lot of content in alcohol promotion to suggest people will get those positive emotional responses they may be seeking".

Spirits are the least likely to elicit this type of response. "This can result in a quicker stimulating effect as blood alcohol levels increase", he explained.

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In fact, drinking spirits tends to draw out more negative feelings than other types of alcohol, say the United Kingdom authors. "The experience of aggression among intimate partners within couples differs by gender and the involvement of alcohol, and count of aggressive acts in a population-based survey do not reflect the reality of gender differences".

There's one notable exception, however. The headline didn't mention the negative emotions reported by many respondents to the survey, such as aggression or tearfulness.

It is worth also bearing in mind that there are compounds apart from alcohol in different drinks. The researches noted that the emotions were more likely to be felt by dependent drinkers versus casual drinkers.

But those good times come at a cost.

Hard alcohols make people feel more confident and sexy.

Our findings suggest that people who are heavier drinkers more commonly report energy and confidence from drinking, but the negative emotions increase in this group as well. "In some cases, they may be reliant on certain drinks for these feelings", Bellis said. But on the down side, they were also more strongly associated with feeling aggressive, ill, restless, and tearful. 53 percent of the people who took part in the survey revealed that they felt relaxed after drinking red wine.

Alcohol has a way of controlling its connoisseurs. "Opting for lower alcohol options and alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones can help". So manage to solve the problem of increasing the number of people with alcohol dependence and the level of violence in society, he added. It was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal BMJ Open, which is free to read online.